Why Building Community Matters in Ecommerce

Importance of Building a Community in E-Commerce

The internet is a noisy place and products don’t sell themselves

As an e-commerce owner, it is your responsibility to develop and launch marketing strategies for your target audience. It helps them understand the problem you are addressing and also the solutions you are offering for them.

It answers the most important question – Why should the product/service matter to them?

Start building a community by:

1️⃣ Finding out what your customers care about

2️⃣ Thinking about what you care about

3️⃣ Thinking about your products and how your products impact the world

4️⃣ Deciding on a movement or cause

5️⃣ Creating a micro-brand for your community

6️⃣ Spreading the word about your community

7️⃣ Getting feedback from your community

Here’s a PDF explaining the importance of building a community 👇🏾

I have repurposed William Harris’s content for you to understand better about community building because eCommerce brands that don’t build a community will fail to survive.

See anything in this PDF that sticks out to you?

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