The Future of Ecommerce

What is the future of E-Commerce?

COVID has made most of the businesses shift their focus towards online sales.

What does this mean for brands? 

Here are 10 insights on the Evolution of this Industry 

✅ E-commerce takes share but growth cools
✅ Direct to consumer and private-label selling accelerates
✅ PWAs and AMPs drive mobile commerce
✅ Global e-commerce booms outside the U.S.
✅ Automation powers productivity
✅ Sustainable e-commerce goes mainstream
✅ Digitally native brands go offline
✅ Fulfillment expectations and costs soar
✅ Voice recognition changed the path to purchase
✅ Marketers target new channels and devices

Know all of these in detail in the PDF below!

I have repurposed this amazing content by Shopify for e-commerce business owners to help them understand the market

See anything that sticks out?

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