350 Productivity Tools to Get More Done

Did you know:➡️ On average we get interrupted about 56 times during the workday.➡️ Only 60 percent of work time, or even less, is spent being productive. Learning how to prioritize, automate, and communicate effectively can save you hundreds of hours. Categories on the list:🖥 Codeless automation📈 Productivity (and avoiding distractions)✍🏾 Creativity/inspiration— templates, stock images, …

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130+ Tasks You Should Delegate To A VA

As a CEO or business owner, your most valuable asset is time. Make the most out of a day by delegating non-essential work to your team. Some of my favorites: ✅Writing email drafts in response to client inquiries ✅Cross-posting Social Media content across platforms ✅Creating meeting notes from recordings Claim this resource in Messenger

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