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Top UK eCommerce Companies

💵400+ TOP E-Commerce Companies in the UKFree Download List UK e-commerce owners: Don’t miss this! It’s an absolute BEAST of a list, containing: – Funding history– Investors– Acquisitions– Management teams– Recent news This would take you MONTHS (years?) to compile yourself. Have access to a snapshot of all the UK’s top e-commerce companies’ most important …

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150 Resources For London CEOs

Whether you’re looking for funding, flexible workspaces, networking, HR, consultants, or more, this download can help you quickly find relevant organizations to connect with. Click Here To Download Resource

Facebook Growth Dashboard Templates

Use these templates to get instant access to your numbers. They’re great for tracking your:✅ Clicks and conversions✅ Impressions and actions✅ Top performing ads✅ Facebook vs Google Ads… much more These dashboards import new data from your live campaigns and present them in a clean, centralized location. Paid traffic equals predictable conversions.  Here’s to building …

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25 Tools to Automate Your Business

Work smarter. Not harder. CEOs & Founders: save hours every day by automating repetitive tasks. These tools can be huge time-savers (no coding required) 👇🏾 Examples:➡️Automatically save LinkedIn connections to a CRM➡️Download all emails in an inbox to a spreadsheet (CloudHQ)➡️Automatically send Trello notifications to Slack Claim this resource in Messenger

350 Productivity Tools to Get More Done

Did you know:➡️ On average we get interrupted about 56 times during the workday.➡️ Only 60 percent of work time, or even less, is spent being productive. Learning how to prioritize, automate, and communicate effectively can save you hundreds of hours. Categories on the list:🖥 Codeless automation📈 Productivity (and avoiding distractions)✍🏾 Creativity/inspiration— templates, stock images, …

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130+ Tasks You Should Delegate To A VA

As a CEO or business owner, your most valuable asset is time. Make the most out of a day by delegating non-essential work to your team. Some of my favorites: ✅Writing email drafts in response to client inquiries ✅Cross-posting Social Media content across platforms ✅Creating meeting notes from recordings Claim this resource in Messenger

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